The Bridge Quartet



‘This is an outstanding disc. It’s also an important release, particularly in bringing us Gurney’s quartet. The performances are consistently superb’ Music Web International June 2020

‘this brilliant performance by Williams, Dussek and the Bridge Quartet, make this disc an absolute must-have, not just for Gurney aficionados but for all lovers of English song, indeed all song.’ Opera Today June 2020

Re the Gurney Quartet in D minor: “It is a really lovely, interesting work which here receives a fitting world premiere performance by the Bridge Quartet. Their performance is very atmospheric, and this disc is noteworthy and recommendable purely on the basis of this Quartet alone” MUSIC WEB INTERNATIONAL aug 2020

Re Western Playland: “this latest recording by Roderick Williams, pianist Michael Dussek and the Bridge Quartet is persuasive enough not to need exclusivity” GRAMOPHONE SEP 2020