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This is an outstanding recital of Bridge chamber works ….. It is a sign of the sheer quality of the Bridge Quartet’s playing that even in the composer’s more idiomatically remote passages, the music comes surging off the page. Ripely expressive, yet always sensitive to Bridge’s textural inventiveness, this fine ensemble sounds utterly transported by these rarefied sounds. SOMM CD 087 STRAD
"The superb Bridge Quartet"

Michael Kennedy, Sunday Telegraph



The Bridge Quartet wish everyone a Happy 2020!
As we navigate the darkest time of the winter please take a look at our brochure for the sun and fun-filled Chamber Music Course held between September 7th and 14th 2020.

Buis en Baronnies is a beautiful historic town nestling amidst the vineyard-terraced landscape of the Drome department with its backdrop the impressive mass of Mont Ventoux.

The ancient Domenican monastery  provides the perfect setting for study and the surrounding walking countryside and municipal open air swimming pool offer complementary forms of relaxation   Preformed groups, individuals and partners as listeners can apply.

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For over 20 years, the Bridge String Quartet of London have built up an international reputation as ambassadors for English music. They perform in festivals in Europe, Africa and USA. Closer to home, their ongoing links with the English Music Festival and are currently enjoying their role as favoured recording artists for EM records.

"The Bridge Quartet's players are, as can always be counted on, exemplary in technical address and masters of musicality. They are also serious artists dedicated to promoting the works of their native English composers, of which this brand new release is but another example"

Jerry Dubins FANFARE magazine 2014.



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